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Шахматная Студия Chess-Online

Nick Panteleeff Announcements

The ultimate chess teaching and learning tool.

Here comes Chess-Online shared analysis! It's full-featured, it's free for all, it's gorgeous and fast and awesome; and in all modesty, it's the best thing that happened to chess since the invention of the smothered mate. We call it: Study.

Study is like an analysis board, but...

You can comment positions

You can annotate positions

Everything is saved

Moves, variations, comments, symbols, arrows: it's all saved on the server. Build chess knowledge that's here to stay.

All studies are available from players profile pages.

Real-time collaboration!

Invite friends to analyse that new trendy opening. Invite your coach to teach you something. Invite 20 students to your lesson. Why not?

If your study is public, anyone can review it; invited members can chat, and invited contributors can update the study.

If your study is private, only invited members can review it, and invited contributors can update the study.

One study = many chapters

Wanna study another position? Don't lose all your work on the current position! Create a new chapter in the study, instead.

Each chapter has its own move tree and starting position. There are many ways to create a chapter:

  • INIT: start from the initial position.
  • EDIT: Setup any position on a board editor.
  • GAME: Load a lichess game replay.
  • FEN: Paste a position.
  • PGN: Paste a game replay. Variations and comments are preserved.

It's even possible to hide the moves in a chapter, to make the other members guess them. Perfect for puzzle lessons.

It supports all chess variants

Crazyhouse, Chess960, King of the hill, Threecheck, Antichess, Atomic, Horde Chess, Racing Kings.

Oh, and normal chess.

Computer evaluation, opening explorer, endgame tablebase!

There's so many features, it's ridiculous. Note that the study owner can decide to disable them.

Export as PGN

Anyone who can access a study can also download it, as a single PGN file containing all chapters with tags, comments, variations, and arrows. Naturally.